We have an “Outside In” approach to business, wherein we understand the needs of our customers and offer solutions that are best in class, consumer centric and delightful. The name Wellesley Electronics encases the vision of the company to “TRANSFORM SPACES”. Wellesley Electronics is unique in the Lighting Industry to enter the market with the help of three solid foundation pillars: Manufacturing, Marketing and Monitoring.
MANUFACTURING: Being one of the very few brands to have in-house manufacturing, Wellesley Electronics can deliver high quality items at competitive prices within short periods.
MARKETING: Our unique marketing stance is focused on ease for the consumer – our wide range of products to suit all applications.
MONITORING: We have set up a world-class Laboratory and Design Centre which help us deliver high quality products. Coupled with an extensive sales and service network.

Wellesley Electronics believes in adding value to the world through its energy efficient lighting, making the planet healthier and more sustainable with our solutions that contribute to social as well as ecological well-being.


LED lights are the latest choice for smart and sustainable functioning. With LED being the new technology, LED lights are now available in a wide range to suit your home as well as outdoor needs.


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